At last, we we have the long awaited return to the studio from legendary indie rockers Grickle-grass. During the research for the Royalty, Etc. Deluxe Edition reissues of the Grickle-grass back catalog in 2015, several unrecorded songs were uncovered. Hidden gems wedged in the middle of ignored bar sets long forgotten, but miraculously recorded to CDR, were found in bassist Joe Holland’s extensive archive. Hearing these essentially lost songs was too much for Royalty, Etc. Records to bear, and they put the challenge out to Grickle-grass to reunite and record these otherwise endangered songs. Grickle-grass obliged. After a long 12 year rest, we finally have a newly forged, four song gemstone of pure Grickle-grass delight. From the ripping “Theme Park City” to the washed out and amazing “Score!”, fans of Grickle-grass will have another title in their collection to pump fists to. Don’t miss the spectacular 2015 and 2016 Royalty, Etc. Deluxe Editions of “Rhetoric and Rhyme”, “Make Up A Word and Call It That”, “The Discount Hits”, and “Masons” each reissued with previously unreleased material.