If you haven’t heard, Choplogic is the newest band on the Royalty, Etc. label and we are as proud as new parents.   So we begun to dig, to make sure the Choplogic story was well told.  We’ve dug through the archives, gone back to original mixes, and spun up longtime engineer Mike Wisti to remaster the recordings.   The results are astonishing, adding new depth and backing off some of the dated mastering heat of the eras of the past records,   That’s right, check it out “Arco Iris”, “Everything and Less” and “Rah Raw Radio” not just for the new hi-fidelity masters, but for the huge supply of amazing bonus tracks nearly lost to the sands of time (“Talk To The Hand” anyone?).   And by the way there is NEW Choplogic after 10 years of waiting!!!   That’s right, check out the “Choplogic” EP for a taste of something very rare and very sweet.